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1965 GIbson Saturn GA45 RVT

Sold ! This guitar amplifier is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-08-06)
Price : US $242.50

1965 GIbson Saturn GA45 RVT 1965 GIbson Saturn GA45 RVT 1965 GIbson Saturn GA45 RVT 1965 GIbson Saturn GA45 RVT

1965 Gibson Saturn GA 45 RVT

Great guitar amp from the company that gives you the Les Paul. These old amps rival many other old models such as Fender but sell for a fraction of the price.  This amp has not been used for a couple of years, but sounded awesome when plugged in today.  Has a great reverb drenched sound and huge bass impact for an amp with two 10' speakers.  It looks like it may have original tubes, mostly RCA's from what I can tell.  Comes with the original foot switch to turn on and off reverb and tremolo.  2 6L6GC tubes for about 50 watts of pure tube tone, put a tube screamer in front of this and your closer to SRV territory then most Fender amps!!  Don't miss out!

This amp is being sold as is, used with no warranty.  It has the various dings and scratches of an amp that is over 40 years of age, it is not mint and the pictures do make it look slightly better shape than it is, though I do think it's in great shape for it's age.  Some of the knobs have been changed, the standby lamp is burnt out and I can't seem to get the tremolo working, though it may be the footswitch or something I'm doing.  I am told that the two speakers are newer Fender models, one from a Super Reverb and one from a Pro Junior.  There are a bunch of preamp tubes that will come with the amp as spares.  All that being said this is still an awesome sounding amp, that will please the ear of many a guitar player.

I require payment by Paypal within 5 days of close of auction, and shipping co

Sold ! This guitar amplifier is sold (sold on 2007-08-06)

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